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Welcome to Jewelers Dayton, OH

“An experience that will last a lifetime.”

Founded in 1981, Jewelers Dayton, OH of Dayton Ohio, is a reputable fine jewelry establishment that is currently a leading company in the jeweler industry. Jewelers Dayton, OH, a native of Dayton, has over 34 years of experience, including managing several large jewelry chains.

Jewelers Dayton, OH takes great pride when it comes to its select collection of beautiful jewelry, fine GIA diamonds, and gemstones from around the world. Jewelers Dayton, OH is also well known for affording its customers with an excellent professional sales team and an on-site jewelry designer who will work diligently to meet any customer design requests.

Today, it is the philosophy of Jewelers Dayton, OH to offer unmatched quality service and value when it comes to purchasing a fine piece of jewelry

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For those special times in your life, or when you or someone you know just needs that extra bit of pampering, Jewelers Dayton, OH offers many one of a kind designs in our special collections


When a man asks for a woman’s hand in marriage, buying a diamond stands for his love and commitment to her. There is nothing quite like the beauty of a high quality diamond to show that special someone just how you feel. With our fantastic selection of loose diamonds you will be able to find that special diamond for that special someone.

Colored Gemstones

Gemstones have mystified people though the centuries. Kings and Queens have adorned themselves with with gemstones for various reasons. By wearing these gems they felt they could improve their health, wealth, and happiness, as well as keep their enemies at bay. Unlike diamonds, there are many gemstones that are not in abundance and command a tremendous price for their rarity. We have specialized in rare exotic gemstones since our inception and feel that gems will always be an important and intriguing part of our industry.

Custom Design

Handcrafted Excellence

Custom designs start at the drawing board. (Something rare in jewelry stores today.) Our artist creates color renderings which allows you to see a visual representation of what your one-of-a-kind piece will look like. It then goes to the jeweler who handcrafts your exclusive piece of jewelry.

It’s an exciting process that we have mastered in order to provide you with something no one else has!


Custom Design

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